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Half-Life Advanced Effects

Current release, compatible with Steam version from September 05, 2013:
HLAE (2014-04-11T18:21Z) (source code) (logo)

Release compatible with Steam version from July 2009 (unsupported):
HLAE (2013-02-09T14:16Z) (source code)

VAC warning: The HLAE tool is technically a hack, therefore you should use it for making movies / watching demos only. Joining VAC protected servers with HLAE might get you VAC banned.
Epilepsy warning: This software will cause fast changing images and colors on your screen.

About: HLAEwiki

Documentation: HLAEwiki

System requirements:

- Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 or similar
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or newer
- Genuine Steam version
- OpenGL 1.1 or newer
- a lot of patience


Using Steam's offline mode you can avoid retriving updates that break HLAE during movie production.


HLAE (2014-04-11T18:21Z)

U Included AfxHookSource (2014-04-11T18:21Z).

AfxHookSource (2014-04-11T18:21Z)

U Updated AfxHookSource to support 26 Mar 2014 CS:GO update.

HLAE (2014-03-14T19:49Z)

+ Fixed mirv_deathmsg not working correctly in TFC (thanks to Rojola for testing).

HLAE (2014-03-13T10:21Z)

* Added mirv_disable_specmenu 0|1, for modifications tfc and valve. Normaly you would use mirv_movie_hidepanels instead, however adding this for Rojola, because CGshader won't work with mirv_movie_hidepanels 1.

* Added mirv_deathmsg. This has the same functionality as mirv_cstrike_deathmsg had, however it also supports TFC now. Also it won't crash anymore in case the modification used is not supported.

U Updated mirv_cstrike_deathmsg: it is now only an alias to mirv_deathmsg.

HLAE (2014-02-28T17:51Z)

* Added __mirv_force_players_solid, which can be 0 (default) or 1. Set to 1 if you have HLTV recordings on KZ maps with Kreetz plugins that force the players to be not solid. Setting to 1 allows them to be spectated normally (which would not work otherwise). Might allow to spectate dead players lol.

Greetings to [ru]Evgeny and HLAE crew (#hlae on QuakeNet.org).

Author: HLAE Team

Tools - HLAE Camera Motion Data

These plugins / scripts assist you with importing HLAE camera motion data in various 3D applications or exporting to HLAE again.

3DsMax Import Plugin HLAE Cam Importer 1.0.4
3DsMax Export Plugin HLAE Cam Exporter 1.0.0
Documentation: HLAEwiki
System requirements: HLAE or newer, 3dsMax 5.x(?7.x / 2008?) or newer.
Author: msthavoc

After Effects Import Script: hlaebvh2AECam1.5
After Effects
Export Script: AECam2hlaebvh1.0
Documentation: video tutorials
Author: msthavoc

Blender 2.49b Import plugin: HLAE Camera Motion Import (2010-01-23T17:50Z)
Blender 2.49b Export plugin: HLAE Camera Motion Export (2010-01-23T17:50Z)
Documentation: HLAEwiki
System requirements: HLAE or newer, Blender 2.46 - Blender 2.49b
Author: ripieces

Cinema 4D Import Plugin: hlcam2c4d 1.4
Cinema 4D Export Plugin: c4d2hlcam 1.0
Documentation: HLAEwiki, video tutorials
System requirements: HLAE or newer, Cinema 4D R9.5 or newer
Author: msthavoc

Writing your own plugin:
The HLAE .bvh format is very similar to but currenlty not compatbile with the BioVision (BVH) format: The only difference is that HLAE rotation order is XYZ while BVH would require ZXY.

Tools - Other

Other plugins / scripts to make your life easier.

Cinema 4D Script: Crafty Material Fix 0.1
About: Automates fixing material / texture links for maps exported by Crafty.
Documentation: video tutorial
Author: msthavoc